Centrale Banken


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Centrale Banken
Centrale Bank Italie
Banca d'italia - il sito ufficiale della banca centrale italiana

Bank of England
The bank sets interest rates to keep inflation low, issues banknotes and works to maintain a stable financial system.

De Nederlandsche Bank
De Nederlandsche Bank

Duitse Bundesbank
Website der deutschen bundesbank

Franse centrale bank
Franse centrale bank

Europese Centrale Bank
Euro,euro banknotes,euro banknotes and coins,the euro coins have a common side and a national side,15 euro area countries,european economic and monetary union,monetary policy,eurosystem,euro,single currency,euro currency,home page of the european central bank. the web site of the ecb provides extensive information on the ecb and the european system of central banks, escb. the basic tasks to be carried out by the escb are defined in article 3 of the escb statute. these tasks include: to define and implement the monetary policy of the community, to conduct foreign exchange operations, to hold and manage the official foreign reserves of the participating member states, to promote the smooth operation of payment systems, and to contribute to the smooth conduct of policies pursued by the competent authorities relating to the prudential supervision of credit institutions and the stability of the financial system.

Nationale bank van Belgie
Publieke website van de centrale bank van belgi√ę. site internet public de la banque centrale de belgique. √Ėffentliche website der belgischen zentralbank. public website of the belgian central bank.

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